Messing with the I Am T-Pain iPhone App

By far the ‘N’s most popular video.  One Summer day last year, Calvin, Johnseth, and I got down and dirty laying down some hot robotic tracks.  We sing some of your favorites: “Love Lockdown” by Kanye West as well as Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me”.  As of today (May 19, 2010), the video has over 145,000 views!  That’s good ish homeboys.  But that’s just a taste of what Rated ‘N’ has in store for the online universe homeboyz and homegirlz!

McGarvin Mixtape Vol.1

Director, Andrew Nguyen – This little movie is the one that started it all. Crudely directed and produced, it was the first of the McGarvin Mixtape series. This 3-minute movie is actually nothing more than just footage of the gang playing ball after school during our 8th grade year. Basically everything in the movie is from clips Johnseth sent to me one day. I used the clips and put them in Windows Movie Maker, and edited my very first movie. This movie has received its fair share of praise and hate, and one year from its completion, it has reached the coveted 4,000 view plateau. We hope to make more in the future, and are currently working on the third installment (Johnseth made the second one, but it was filmed in one day, so it obviously isn’t up to Rated ‘N’ standards at the moment).

The Chronicles of Junior

Director, Johnchong SethThis movie is just a clip of a dia del basketball that me, Johnseth, Bryant, and Byron had a few months back. While at McGarvin Park, we met an interesting little Samoan kid by the name of Junior. Apparently his parents just left him there and promised to return for him promptly some time 4 hours later. Feeling sad for the kid, we started talking to him, and filming him without his permission. And now I am reproducing his image online, once again without his permission. Ah well, that’s just how great art is made sometimes – without the consent of little boys or their parents.

Long Distance Parking Lot Shot

Director, Andrew Nguyen – Two words: Amazing.

Fergalicious Dunk

Director, Andrew Nguyen; Ballers, Minh T. Fresh/Johnseth Chong Ultimate facial on Dang Tran.  Johnseth set his legs on retaliation after getting the ball stolen. No mercy, no remorse, just ball (and a carefully positioned chair).

  1. eh who is that guy who was wearing the blue shirt laughing at that guy who broke his teeth or something!?

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